To make the clinic a success, a dentist in Sharjah would need to promote and practice cleanliness within the premises. The hospital should focus on hiring a well known dermatologist in Dubai.

Cleanliness within the clinic: The onus is on individuals to get to know details about the clinic. This can be done so by inquiring around and checking out the clinic on various social media platforms. In this way the customer gets to know the state of cleanliness of the clinic. No patient would want to visit a dental clinic that do not get their equipments and accessories thoroughly washed before and after dental treatments. Oral diseases can be prolonged from unhygienic conditions in poorly set up dental clinics.

Pay attention to the well being of the patient: A good dentist would not straight away start his or her procedure without having a good look at the patient’s history. The reason being is that patients with medical conditions would need to be dealt with care. For instance patients with chronic conditions such as asthma would need adequate time to breathe in between any procedure.

Rise of obesity: Dermatologist find it very challenging to provide the best of their skills at a time when issues such as obesity have been on the rise. Usually individuals get acne due to unhealthy diets and excessive usage of electronic gadgets eventually leaving no room to exercise. Keeping in mind that obesity is expected to increase over the course of time, this would mean the hospital needs to plan ahead by having more dermatologists in line.

Different types of skin issues: Individuals who work long hours end up getting warts and fungus, for that the dermatologist would prescribe certain medications that are not even found in the market. Athletes are also known for getting warts on their feet due to friction being caused in the process. Burn and acid victims can minimize their scars by going to a well known dermatologist who understands the severity of the scars. Patients who have gone through chemotherapies due to skin cancer can avail the services of dermatologist who would prescribe oil for not only preventing hair loss but also for hair to grow rapidly. An oil for hair growth going by name “conatural” is known to be used across the globe.