Sofa is a place where you sit together with your family. And if it present in your TV launch then you will need to clean it properly after sometime. You do deep cleaning of your home and kitchen similarly your sofa also needs proper cleaning. And if you will clean it properly then its life will also be increased. Because when you are using things at your home then it is important to take care of your things. Here is complete guide for you by which you can do proper cleaning of your home.

Dust your sofa:

First of all you should do dusting of your sofa and if there will be any dust apparently then it will be removed by this.

Read the recommendations of manufacturer:

When you purchase a sofa then a booklet is also given to you where there are complete instructions by which you can clean your sofa. So before using any other procedure on your sofa you should completely read all the instructions on this booklet. These instructions will be different according to the type of material of sofa.

Remove stains from it:

You should use sofa with care and if there are any stain on it then you should remove this stain immediately.

Check the cleaning codes on your sofa:

Sometimes there are many tags attached on the sofa and some random letters are written on these. These codes are actually the cleaning codes of sofa. If “W” is written on it then it means that water based cleaner. To clean this type of sofa you should use water based cleaner so that it may not leave oil stain later. If “S/W” is written on it then it means that solvent and water based cleaner. You can use water and solvent for your sofa. If “S” is written on it then it means that solvents. You can only use solvent to clean your sofa. In solvent, cleaning chemical is used and every type of sofa can not bear this type of chemical.

Use brush:

When you are washing your sofa then you should use brush to properly wash your sofa. If there will be any dirt stick to it then it will be removed easily.

Use of vacuum:

When your sofa will become dry then you should use vacuum to clean your sofa properly. You should use vacuum on each part of sofa.