There are around thousands of news channels throughout the world and each one of them need to hire god reporters. No channel can be run on hiring only one or two reporters as they have to spread them over the city and then on a bigger level they have to spread them over the country to get the recent and more authentic news. Some news channels will not emphasis on the authenticity of the news and they just want to get more attention and for this purpose they often provide news that are misleading and exaggerating. These channels may get the attention at the beginning but with the passage of time people will know about their false tactics and they will avoid watching that channel. Local news UAE should be given to the audience after proper research and Ajman news is doing that thing quite impressively. News reporters are the back bone of any news channel because they are:

Curios: A good news reporter will be curious always as they will crave about new information every time. They will be in search of new things and they will reason behind the incidents. They will always want to go to the reason behind ay strange event happens in their area.

Courageous: A person will never be a news reporter if he or she is not courageous. It is sometimes a dangerous thing to find the facts behind any story especially when there is a big and influential person is involved in that. They need to be fearless about themselves so that they can provide the authentic news to their viewers.

Expert: A good news reporter should be an expert in the language in which he is going to provide the information. If he does not know about the language well then he will not be able to describe the event fully. If he is also a news anchor then it is more important to have the total command on the language as they have to talk to the other people in front of the cameras.

Neutral: A good news reporter is always a neutral person because when there comes biasness in the reporting of any reporter then he will lose his credibility and people will not get him as a neutral person to trust upon him.