People put so much of their time and efforts in designing a website but what they don’t really think about is the fact that viewers are only going to view a fraction of the efforts that too applied on the wrong places. A website design company in Dubai knows and understands these dynamics to see where and how the efforts should be put in to make it effective. Here are some unknown facts about the website viewers:

  • Texts are more attractive to reader because most of the time it takes added efforts to understand what is going on in a picture and people would much rather get it over with by spelling it out loud than running their brains.
  • Have you noticed how when you use a computer mouse you are always inclined towards the left click as if it is the right one to use? The same way viewers start scanning a website from the top left corner which is why web design agency in Dubai tries to use that space for most of their important messages.
  • Banners are no longer the huge sign which should be paid attention to because somewhere along the way they got way too exaggerated so now the young generation have started ignoring them altogether. It’s of no use. Use simple text language to display your messages.
  • It is a universally know fact that no one focuses or pays attention to the loads of words filled in your site and it may actually frustrate people which is why the headings were invented so that people can read the gist and understand what has been trying to explain in the next hundred words.
  • Humans have a very short attention span specifically today’s generation which is why reading short paragraphs sounds more convenient to them rather than reading long unending trails of sentences.
  • Visitors don’t want to get into the nitty gritty details of your business and how you started it. They just want to find the button and tabs which would make them reach to their destination of checkout or whatever they are looking for.
  • Use bullet points rather than large paragraphs because again, the attention span is low and it’s easier to read the points than skin through a large paragraph and find the information.