There is a saying that goes your smile is the biggest jewelry you will ever wear. And we agree to it as well. There are different types of expressions and if you start naming the expressions, the list can go on and on because you can see the latest creating emojis yourself. But smile is the biggest and the most common type of expression. There are different facts about your smile that you did not know before. If you find this post good, follow us to know more about best implant dentist in Dubai. read the following facts to know much more about your smile and you will have more reasons to smile as well;

  1. You must have heard the name of the Hollywood female actor Julia Roberts. If not, then you will know her too for the reason that the rest of the world knows her for. You must be thinking that what is that reason, and that is her smile. Her smile is said to be the most wonderful and best smile in the world and she even has insured her teeth and gums and lips for 12 million dollars. If you don’t know her, then we recommend that you see her movies now and become a fan of her immediately.
  2. There is a saying that smile costs nothing but the fact is that it has costed many lives in the past. In Persia, in the 19th century there was a Persian princess and her name was Qajar and according to the stories many men died because of her beauty and most important for her smile. People from around the world would visit her just to see her glance and there are stories of tribes fighting for her to marry her.
  3. There are different therapies in which the doctors say that even if you smile at the very stressed and tensed situations, you will feel positivity at some point and the people around you will also get less stressed. This means that the saying is right; smile is the most powerful thing.
  4. Our body is made up of muscles and that is why when we smile our muscles move and you will be shocked to know that at least 5 to 45 muscles are moved just when you smile.