358/2 Days Ultimania 365 Days Chart

In the “Secrets” section of the  358/2 Days Ultimania, a nice little chart is laid out to show a time line of who’s doing what during the 365 days between Roxas’ birth and Sora’s awakening.  I’ve translated it for you here.  Translation credit goes to Krystal.


Roxas and Co. Activity Sora and Co. Activity
  • Sora’s nobody, who is born in Twilight Town, is given a name and joins the Organization
  • Namine is born in Castle Oblivion, and Organization 13 appears
  • Sora is revived from becoming a Heartless
  • Xemnas tells Roxas at the shore of the ocean of darkness that he has been to see him = Sora
  • Sora fights a mysterious man (Xemnas) at Hollow Bastion
  • Xion joins the Organization as #14
  • The plan to use Sora in Castle Oblivion is established
  • Around this time Sora fights the seeker of darkness, Ansem, and saves the world, and Riku and the King are left in the world of Darkness
  • Marluxia and Co. head to Castle Oblivion
  • Axel and Vexen and others head to Castle Oblivion
  • Sora arrives at Castle Oblivion
  • Roxas sees Xion’s face for the first time
  • Xion can use the keyblade
  • Riku arrives at Castle Oblivion around this time
  • Roxas falls into a deep sleep
  • The changing of Sora’s memories continues
  • Roxas has a dream of seeing Sora getting into the pod
  • Sora fights Marluxia, and goes to sleep in the pod
  • Roxas wakes up
  • News arrives that all the members at Castle Oblivion have been obliterated
  • Riku and the King, and Diz and Namine disappear before Axel’s eyes, who remained at Castle Oblivion
  • Axel returns from Castle Oblivion
  • Xion, who has lost the ability to use the keyblade, is found by Roxas and Axel in Twilight Town
  • Diz and Namine move to Twilight Town around this time
  • Xion can use the keyblade again
  • Xion battles Riku and is defeated
  • Riku fights Xion and wins.  He is surprised when he sees her face.
  • Xion is defeated by a heartless and falls into a deep sleep
  • Xion, who has been getting Sora’s memories while she slept, wakes up and resumes missions
  • Namine finds out that the reason she’s having trouble restoring Sora’s memories is “Because Sora’s nobody is beginning to connect with ‘her’”
  • Xion access the Organization’s main computer
  • Xion, who had snuck into Castle Oblivion, encounters Axel who is on a mission.  After that, she learns what she is and escapes the Organization
  • Around this time Riku is told by Namine that Sora can’t wake up unless Sora’s nobody and ‘her’ are gone
  • At Destiny Islands, Xion is overwhelmed by memories and faints.  She is saved by Riku and he tells her of his current condition
  • Riku saves Xion, and explains about Sora.  From then on he works with Xion for a little while
  • Roxas and Axel head to Castle Oblivion to investigate the Organization imposter.  Roxas collapses
  • Roxas and Axel, who have moved to Twilight Town, witness Xion and the imposter together
  • Riku and Xion appear together before Roxas and Co. in Twilight Town
  • Saix orders Axel to retrieve Xion
  • Axel and Roxas find Xion in Twilight Town.  Axel takes Xion back with him
  • The restoration of Sora’s memories just about comes to a halt
  • Roxas’ power is being absorbed by Xion and he is in bad shape
  • Saix plans to make Xion and Roxas kill each other off, but fails at the interference of Axel
  • The restoration of Sora’s memories comes to a complete halt.  Diz urges Riku to force action
  • Xion fights Xigbar and escapes.  Axel misses this
  • Riku reunites with Xion.  Riku makes Xion, who has made her decision, go to Namine and tells of their parting
  • All the Organization members are told of Xion’s true self and the replica plans
  • Riku reunites with the King.  He tells him that he must fight in order to restore Sora’s memories, and asks the King to take care of Sora before he leaves
  • Roxas leaves the Organization
  • Axel retrieves Xion
  • Namine meets Xion, and explains that there’s something she must do
  • Xion fights Roxas, and is defeated as planned.  She asks him to free ‘Kingdom Hearts’ and vanishes
  • Obtaining dual keyblades Roxas battles Riku.  He is defeated by Riku who has let out his power of darkness and is taken to Diz and Co.
  • Riku battles Roxas.  Even though just doing it once might cause him to fall, he lets out his power of darkness and finally is victorious
  • Roxas begins his imaginary summer vacation in a virtual Twilight Town
  • There is one day left of Roxas’ summer vacation before ‘it’s over’
  • Sora awakens

Riku arrives at Castle Oblivion around this time
  • urutapu

    Er, “Zemnas”?

  • XYZach

    Looks like it was translated, but not localized haha
    This is really cool though, good job.

  • konata izumi

    i think their trying to avoid the whole “mansex” thing by spelling “xemnas” as “Zemnas” xDDD

    thankx for translating- i always wondered about that whole timeline thing^^

  • http://hidden-memories.net/forum Lunos

    It was already translated by the KHI staff, but okay.. Nice to have another version. Now you can compare strange things whether they are really translated correctly.
    Thanks. :3

  • Oishii

    I believe Xemnas is spelled with a ‘z’ in katakana if I remember right (Japanese doesn’t have an ‘x’ afterall). Thanks for posting this. I think I’m starting to like Xion a little more after reading this.

  • Krystal

    ….OOPS! Yeah I was still in Japanese mode when I wrote Xemnas’ name. XD I will fix it now.

  • Roxas

    “Only seven more days, and then my summer vacation is over.”

    “Sora, you’re lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is…over.”

    Noruma really knows how to twist the knife.