BBS Ultimania Details: 3 New KH Titles?

Posted in KH3 on 2010/03/24

The Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Ultimania releases tomorrow however details from the intensive guidebook containing an interview with series director Tetsuya Nomrua have already been revealed. Please check them out below, thanks to FF-Reunion. Please do not repost translations without crediting to HEARTSTATION.ORG.

“About the next title, Kingdom Hearts 3 depends on Final Fantasy XIII Versus, but development of the next title is already underway. There are two titles other than Kingdom Hearts 3 in conception, and I think I’ll release one within this year.”

“As from next year, I want to put out a title with multiple main characters.”

“The series won’t end in Kingdom Hearts 3, more like the conclusion of the Xehanort saga.”

“It’s not the case that when Sora’s story is over another hero’s story will begin; Sora will be the hero until the end.”

And on the overseas version: “We added the Critical degree of difficulty, more cutscenes, more songs to the Rhythmic Ice Cream mini game, more Keyblades, more types of enemies and altered battle balance. I still can’t say we’ll release a Final Mix, but we can’t give it the generous treatment like with Re:Chain of Memories.”

The book publisher also posted an article  highlighting the features of the Ultimania and you can read the article below.  Please do not repost translations without crediting to HEARTSTATION.ORG.

The Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Ultimania goes on sale March 25th, compromising everything about Birth by Sleep. Fans of the series definitely won’t want to overlook this book! Here are a few of the points you won’t want to miss!

  • Point 1
    Detailed data on all the commands are revealed!

Fine detail on the commands, which reach into the hundreds, and variations such as ‘variation according to additional input’, ‘variation when the command level rises’, ‘variation when a symbol mark is obtained in dimension link’, ‘variation according to the number of locks in shoot lock’ are explained in a huge reveal. If you make use of this information, you’ll definitely be able to fight in a more efficient style!

  • Point 2
    You can look up each method of obtaining deck commands!

Divided into six categories: obtained in a cutscene, obtained in a treasure chest, obtained at a shop, obtained from an enemy, obtained through a mini game, and obtained though command chain, the methods for obtaining deck commands are perfectly explained. Of course, there is also an integrated complete list, and so please use it as you see fit!

  • Point 3
    All the standard corners are covered!

Everything expected to be contained in a Kingdom Hearts Series Ultimania, from a game system analysis as well as a walkthrough for the scenarios is provided, along with a mini game guide, enemy walkthrough, and fully detailed maps. When you can’t figure out what to do next, it provides complete support through your play through!

  • Point 4
    Take a deep look at the story of the Kingdom Hearts series!

The Kingdom Hearts series is brimming with mysteries, examine closely the new facts of their origins established in this title. Decipher the meaning of all the reports in the Xehanort Report Commentary section, as well as explanations for the mysteries of the series up until now in the Kingdom Hearts 20 Mysteries section. And round it off reading the discussion on the new mystery founded in this title in the corner called The Mystery Continuing in the Next Title.

  • Point 5
    Don’t miss the interview with director Tetsuya Nomura!

Every Ultimania has an interview with Tetsuya Nomura fully loaded with intriguing secrets about the series, and you won’t want to overlook this one either! About the mysteries shown in the secret event scenes, about the next title, and about the Kingdom Hearts series from here after… Among other things making it well worth reading!

In addition, there is the 30 Secrets section and a complete guide to getting the Secret Reports, an art gallery, a Q&A with developer staff, and other points you won’t want to miss. You’ll definitely want to check out this 656 page book containing information on everything Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep!