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Posted in KH3 on 2010/02/06

The latest issue of Famitsu Weekly featured Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series as the reader’s 5th most popular character. Within the article there was a short comment from series director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura where he discussed the creation of Sora’s design as well as what the future of the series has in store for him! Contains a small Birth by Sleep spoiler concerning the secret ending, so read at your own risk.

The Story of Sora’s Creation with Tetsuya Nomura

Since FFVII of the Final Fantasy series, Nomura has had a hand in designing many characters and is also director in the Kingdom Hearts series.

At first his design was like that of an anthropomorphic lion, with ears and a tail too. His weapon wasn’t the Keyblade either; it was something like a chainsaw. He had the tail so he was more along the same design line as the Disney characters. The Kingdom Hearts project was happening during the production of Final Fantasy VIII, and since the series was already progressing and Zidane from Final Fantasy IX had a tail, Sora’s animal traits were removed.

Finally, during an exchange of ideas with the Disney staff side, the parts that were too straight line were modified into curvier shapes (The weightlessness of his pants and shoes were striking features.) So in one night, the Sora we know now was completed.

In the secret movie in Birth by Sleep, Sora’s long awaited re-entry implies that future developments are in the works. Therefore, please look forward to the appearance of Sora’s future activities when they are prepared. Though saying that, I can’t say what kind of title it might become. Concerning Kingdom Hearts III, since there is demand from the current fans around the world, I will do my best to bring it into realization as quickly as possible.

Please do not repost translations without crediting to HEARTSTATION.ORG

I also scanned the article so the images can be viewed in higher quality. The magazine also had an article on Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep featuring information on the Mirage Arena and the Olympus Coliseum worlds. If you are playing through the game and looking for some guidance, they might be able to help you out.

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  • Catcat

    :D hurrah! THis os very exciting, thanks for posting this! Finally the end is near, an exciting ending I hope :D

  • Pancakes

    Aw, Nomura I love you. <3 And I love you too, Olivia, for bringing this up! Fffff chainsaw!Sora ftw.


  • Zealot

    Thanks for this, Olivia.

    I’ll post a more detailed-comment about the interview, itself, later. However, I do have something to say…

    I’m still of the opinion that Ventus got totally _hosed_ in-terms of his so-called Boss-encounter for Olympus-Coliseum. Why no Nessus? Cyclops? Lava-Titan? Medusa? Minotaur? … Puppy-Cerberus?

    Terra doesn’t fare much better in that department, either. I mean, Zack is cool, and everything, but, damn — this game _really_ could have benefitted from having multiple-Bosses, per-Character, for each World. I’ve unfortunately had the identity of Aqua’s OC-Boss spoiled for me; but, if it’s actually true, it’s gonna be AWESOME.

    Oh, and the fact that ‘Thebes’ features only a grand-total of ONE-area is also quite lame. WTF, Nomura? :/

    I’ve only just recently completed my first-Scenario (Ventus’; yeah, I’m playing them ‘out-of-order’ — according to what Nomura stated, anyway). I’m absolutely thrilled to begin playing through with the other two characters (I’m probably igoing with Terra, next). If I ever play the English-version (or, more likely, the inevitable ‘Final-Mix’-Edition), I’ll proceed with the ‘official-sequence’.

  • NinjaSheik

    THANKS! How’s the novel coming along?

  • de la o

    so kingdom hearts 3 is the last game?i thought it was going 2 be like final fantasy with a bunch of series

  • Kuu

    Yay! Can’t wait for the final game >8D So updates are VERY MUCH appreciated >:D

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  • ivanna

    ok this is a seriouse quote to the director of kingdom hearts! if he would ever read it ofcourse. but throughout deviantart khinsider and other sites where fans would just be fans most people have just dropped of the fandom ever since 2008 because of how long it took the new games to come out now ive been a fan ever since 2004 because of my love for disney and final fantasy but onestly if he changes sora to some kinda adult i think that would brake a few of the fans hearts and hopes i think he should keep him young as he is but a few details sounds nice :) overall it still sounds a little dull to the few who still care about kingdom hearts, i mean shouldnt tetsuya care more about the fans apearing then the money he gets for it, i mean no fans, no money, keep it streight… overly ive never made fun of him ive allways thought thats hes the most talented director next to tim burton, and ive allways been fong of his works, i just say that he should think a lot more about the disapointed fans out there… well thats all still drawing kingdom hearts ever since 2004 for the deviantart <3


    Xx thts awsome i cnt wait ^^ but seriously the people who work on the kingdom hearts games ALSO work with final fantasyyou shuldnt jusgo buggin ppl jus to get o kno somthing they cant completely answer yet..but watever thts great ^^ xX

  • Suki

    OMG THIS JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! *fan girl scream.

  • Person

    i hope kh3 isnt the last game, but if it is, it better be epic!

  • Stefan

    I am sad and happy with this post. Sad to see the Kingdom Hearts series come to an end, but happy for kingdom hearts 3 coming out. I wonder what will happen to Sora in this latest adventure. What do you think? Here’s a hint: KH2 ends with a letter received from King Mickey so here’s my thought, I think KH3 will be similar to KH2 because it will be like revisiting worlds in KH2 and some new ones probably. I really hope we get to see wonderland and traverse town again :D.

    • Olivia

      Thanks for the comment! I think there are plans to continue the series after KH3 though, so don’t worry! You should read the newest articles here, there’s more information on the future of the series!

  • OWEN626

    If u change my childhood hero sora AND his alltime chosen wepon THE KEYBLADE witch is kinda why hes famous my hole time waithing for this game to come out will be ruined D: uther wize FINALLYYY THEY CONFERMIEDD ITT YESS!!!!!!!!!