Famitsu Rates 358/2 Days a 9/10 + More

The issue of Famitsu Weekly going on sale this weekend did a cross review of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, giving it an over all rating of 9 out of 10 from each reviewer (36 points total), earning itself into the Famitsu platinum hall of fame. Comments from the review:

“The scenarios, the system, the volumes, the graphic quality… it was made with no gaps. The high resolution cut scenes not seen on DS until now are especially cool! The way that the action content totally changes according to the kinds of panels arranged in the slots of the fighting system is wonderful. We were happy just getting absorbed into it while try out the techniques.”

“Even though being able to manage your level with the panel system is strange, you forget about time and become absorbed in the recombinations! Above all, you can freely customize the characters you play as you like, making the fighting aspect exceptionally fun. Also, the cooperative play is easy and unexpectedly exciting. The true state of affairs revealed regarding Organization XIII in this story also engages one’s interest very much.”

“Consequently since the circumstances of the character involve loss of memories followed by a thorough tutorial, it’s easy for those who haven’t played games from the series to enter into the world of it. The heart wrenching story is strongly captivating. The simple yet exhilarating action reappears faithfully in this title. How the fight goes changes a lot depending on the combination of panels, it’s enjoyable that you can input your personal preference.”

“The core of the game centers on missions, the structure of which excluding the excessive things is pure. It also includes an abundance of other things to do. Although the movement of the NPCs is worrisome, or rather, testing of one’s tolerance level. The depth of the customization together with the numerous characters make this especially interesting for a large number of people who play.”

The play time is between 25 to 30 hours. Thanks to FF7ACReunion for the scans!

An interesting point to note on, we reported about the summary V Jump books posted on their Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Heart Collection Guide going on sale May 30th. Well, it seems they’ve updated the site not to include Riku in the summary. Did they reveal too much or was it a misprint? It now reads:

The book contains mission mode character walkthrough profiles for Organization XIII and Donald, as well as a walkthrough poster that lists materials to acquire in order to clear the game! In addition, thoroughly collect everything from all 72 missions, items, enemies that appear by day 295!

The official Japanese Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days website updated tonight with character profiles for Vexen, Zexion, and Marluxia, as well as introduction and limit break videos for them in the System section. Three other videos: About Key Missions, New Enemies, and About Mission Mode > Mission Points were added to the System section as well. Click here to visit the site and check out the new content!

And on a sadder note, Wayne Allwine, the voice actor famous for giving Mickey Mouse his voice for the past 32 years passed away May 18th 2009. He was married to the current voice of Minnie Mouse, Russi Taylor, and the couple was named Disney Legends in 2008. He voiced King Mickey in all installments of the Kingdom Hearts series and he will be thoroughly missed by his fans. Thanks to IMDb for the information.

  • Pancakes

    Oh, 9/10? That’s pretty high for a Kingdom Hearts game. I hope they’re not lying.

    Wow, 25-30 hours of playtime? That sounds interesting, actually. Hm. Looks like I’ll be spending all night playing it without interruptions.

  • Holen

    About Famitsu: 36 it’s a EXCELENT for the first KH in DS

    25-30? Very good for a portable game

    About Riku: Very interesting…

  • Thom

    Man, the new updates on the site are awesome. D:
    Marluxia’s combos look sweet, and the video with the new Heartless just reassures me of how much more interesting this game will be.

  • NinjaSheik

    Thanks for the update!

    I heard about Wayne…I’m very sad about that man. It’s really sad, and everyone will be sad he won’t appear as King Mickey anymore. I wonder who will do it now…?

  • Zcahary

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO King Mickey can’t die he was my favorite I have his figure collectable right in front of me. But Wait did he already do the voice acting for the American Version because if not imma go insane

  • Fuego6

    While I’m glad to see Kingdom Heart 358/2 days is a greatly reviewed game I’m sad to hear of Waynes passing…

  • Rexia

    Woah, are you serious!? A possible 9 out of 10? Dude, that is an amazing rating for a DS game! Then again, I shouldn’t be THAT surprised. It seems like the team has been busting their butts making this game. I mean, the game will have VOICED clips similar to the PS2 KH games AND you’ll be able to fight as ALL the Organization members (Possibly all. Not positive about Xion. Maybe you need to unlock her?).

    Thanks for all the updates! I’m glad I can just go to this site besides shifting through tons of outdated info on Google. I also love how you translated the character profiles. <3 I’m glad that they updated the ‘attack combo+variations of weapons’ character videos on the official site. 8D Last time I checked, only had Axel. I was surprised at Lexaeus and Marluxia. Their attack speed was much faster than I expected. O_o All the better for me! I love fast attackers so I’ll definitely use Larxene (and try hog the dropped winnings in multiplayer like a greedy jerk *shot*).

    I seriously can’t wait. I’m so excited. I think I might try to nab the game in Japanese once my favorite game store gets it. I don’t want to wait til the end of summer! D: I’ll probably get stuck if I can’t read a mission, but I just gotta see it for myself.

    I’m really sorry to hear that Wayne passed away… He was great in my opinion… Dang it, I’m going to feel kinda sad whenever I play a KH2 and hear King Mickey. :c Aahsdjfka, he voiced Mickey in one my favorite Disney movies too… D’: