Abaya is a long robe which is mostly loose and it has long sleeves. In this dress a women’s body is covered from head to toe. This abaya comes with a hijab or a Shayla. By which the women’s head is covered. So the hair can’t be seen. Go right here to know more about kaftans online in Dubai. The main concept of wearing an abaya is to cover the body. In Islam the women are told to cover their bodies and this cultural and religious norm is followed by many women all around the world. They find it protective and safe to wear theses long dresses so the other men can’t see them. They find this dress as a sign of morality and modesty. In Islam decency and modesty is implemented in women and men too. In abaya women arms and the whole body is covered only the hands, face and feet are exposed. But in burqa the women are covered from head to toe even the face is not shown because of the veil.

Now a days these abaya are changing in fashion and designs. There was a time when only black was the only colour in abaya but now the time has changed. Many brands and designers have changed the concept of abaya. They have introduced some beautiful colours, designs and shapes of abayas. Even there are stores who offer the customization of abaya to women so they can alter their abaya according to their choices. Women nowadays prefer stones, embroideries and other elements on their abayas to make them more beautiful and attractive, In the starting time the abayas were loose and long but now the new trend is different. In today’s fashion the abayas are more fitted and tighter.

It is a local tradition and norm to wear abaya in public places. Even expatriates wear abaya in public so they can blend in the local audience without getting caught. It a simple tradition and sometimes expats like this tradition too. In Saudi Arabia even, American ladies wear abaya just for the sake of tradition. There was a time when this rule was implemented strictly to every woman there but now, they have changed their rule. It is now the women’s choice to wear or not to wear the abaya.

The trends are changing now the colour is not only black now. Many new colours are introduced in the market. Light grey and dark brown are mostly famous in fashion trends.