When it comes to cakes, there is more than one to make our taste buds go groovy and have mouths full of water whenever we see many types of cakes around the globe. Did you know that you can get the best customized cake in Dubai? However, there can either be vegan and non-vegan cakes to choose from and you can choose both but rest assured, the taste remains the same either. If you go for the vegan cakes or the non-vegan cakes because the people behind the making, baking, and decorating the cakes are expert in all the types of cake they make, bake, and decorate in the first place respectively.

With many cakes to choose from, I have decided to give you three of my favorite types of cakes that will make you have your mouths full of water and need them right now. Because they are so delicious even when you look at them, you want them right beside you so you can taste it, eat it, and get your satisfaction to the fullest out of it.

The three of the best cakes that I have chosen for myself are; the first type is the cheesecake with chocolate chips topping. You may wonder about why a cheesecake with chocolate chips topping, well, if you ask me, they make the deadliest combination and when you taste it, the cheese that serves the crust with layers of salty and sweetening combination with the perfection of having the chocolate chips to add more flavor to it, trust me, you will have heavens right under your mouth pushing you to have more of it.

The second type is the pudding cake that I take as one of the best cakes in the world. Why? It is because it serves both the purposes of either a pudding or a cake and when they come together. There are many bakeries that give cakes in Dubai delivery for free. They feel as delicious as they look like with the perfect finishing of pudding and the crust of the cake makes you groovy and have more of it when you are on the verge of taking your first bite.

The third type is chocolate lava cake, although you may find it interesting that why I have chosen it and the reason is the chocolate coming out of the inside of the cake when you first push your spoon right into it. And not only this, the way it tastes with the molten chocolate makes it full of pleasures and you will never stop once you get a hold of it.