Movers and Packers are companies that assist people in packing boxes to move to another place. They have thousands of trained workers to assist clients. Mostly, their clients are workplaces, large middle-class families an rich families. They offer different services. Majority of them four services. The four major services that are available in every moving and packing company are:

  1. Full service: Movers and packers will do all things if a client has chosen full service. The workers will get  boxes, pack material, move them to new place and unpack them as well. A client or house owner would not need to do a single thing. The company sends so many workers to do all things. Usually, offices and workplaces avail full service of movers and packers. International movers and packers in Dubai provide full service for cheap if the country is in Middle East. However, they help in relocation from Dubai to UK.
  2. Self-service: In self-service, the company would not pack and unpack your boxes and material, the workers will load and unload the boxes and move them to a desired place. The customers and clients have to arrange things by themselves yet they can ask them for help but, then, they should give them tip or extra money.
  3. Special service: If you have breakable things or so many large thongs which are required to be moved safely, then there is need to ask the company to give workers of special service. The special serviced includes the movement of boxes and breakable things safely. Besides, the workers assist in other things. Offices and software houses avail this service mostly as they have large servers and machines that cannot be switched off for a second.
  4. DIY Truck Rental: If you know how to load and unload the truck and move the boxes safely to another place, then you can call movers and packers and ask them that you need the truck only. The worker will provide you truck on rent and you are required to do all tasks alone. Mostly, students and young people use this service as they could not afford give son much money to movers and packers. 

So, these are four main services offered by every movers and packers: full service, special service, self-service and DIY truck rental. Offices and workplaces avail full service and special service to move fast to new place while large middle-class families use self-service and DIY truck rental.