Veins which are superficial and get swelled and twisted are called  Varicose vein. Often it occurs behind legs and veins become enlarged and seem to be popped up. If you have symptoms like this you must visit your doctor. Visit their website to learn more about their varicose veins treatment in Dubai. He can diagnose the disease but checking your swelling while you are standing or he could Run an ultrasound to check  if all the valves in your veins are working. If there is some kind of clot it could be seen in ultrasound. If you do not have any severe symptoms then it can be treated on outpatient basis. 

Lifestyle change can also help in reducing the symptoms. One could have varicose vein because of family history, obesity or pregnancy. Lifestyle changes like having healthy food for losing weight, exercising, elevating your legs not sitting and standing for long periods can help in easing the pain. The most common way used to get rid of varicose vein is by wearing compression stockings. These stockings help in providing compressions to legs. Due to compression the efficiency of blood Movement in veins and muscles increase.

If the symptoms are swear and are not reducing on Healthcare and Healthcare change then certain other treatments are also available.

  • Sclerotherapy is a procedure used to get rid of Varicose veins. It is an injection that is injected into the veins. This solution close veins and the varicose vein fade away in few days. Medium and large size Varicose veins can be treated with foam sclerotherapy. Sometimes if the veins are severely affected then you may need to  inject them twice or more.
  • If you are scared of needles and injections then there is one more way to treat Varicose veins. Latest technology have upgraded the techniques used for treating. Lasers are used that send high bursts of light that helps in fading away the varicose vein.
  • For large and severely affected Varicose veins catheter assisted procedures are used. Thin tube is inserted into the enlarge veins whose tip is heated either by radio frequency on laser energy. On pulling the catheter the collapses.
  • Open depending upon the circumstances and condition of the patient, Varicose veins are removed by making small incisions. As superficial veins are mostly affected veins so their removal does not cause problem in the circulation of blood because deeper veins are involved in the circulation of blood.