Did you know that you can do a lot more than just using wallpaper for decorating wall and bringing colour to it? If you didn’t know, you must be wondering how that is possible. Well, there are a ton of different things which you can do and change the game of wallpaper. We hope the following tips can help with designing wallpaper so it can become your next favourite decor piece:

  • Choose the pattern and style before interiors

This is one of the key tips which you need to consider because this will set the tone for your room. Choose a bigger pattern for a bigger room and same goes for colours and aesthetics. The problem with choosing it later is that wallpapers come in a huge variety and you could be tempted to buy a colour completely opposite to the aesthetics of your room. This will help you in choosing the decor as well.

  • Accent wall

If you thought that accent walls can only be done with textured paint, then fit out contractors with an expertise in mezzanine floor construction will prove you wrong because their number one hack is to use wallpapers to create accent wall. Obviously you will want to consider the placement of the wall and arrange the pieces of furniture according to it, so if you do consider accent wall option, use a mural kind of print which will be big and eye catching and you will be good to go.

  • A faux headboard

Let’s be real here, furniture can be expensive and there’s nothing as pretty and chic as the headboard but unfortunately not everyone can afford it. Lucky for us, wallpapers are here to rescue which will make it easy for you to faux one. Find a subtle consistent pattern for the wall behind and use it to put in front of the bed and enjoy the chic faux look of the headboard.

  • Add texture

 One of the major key tones of interior designing is adding different kinds of textures to the place and we believe nothing can be better than wallpapers for that work. If you really want to amplify the feel and look of textures, choose the kind which is a little rough and fun than usual.

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