There are a lot of stores that are providing the facility of having the HP ink cartridges Dubai so you can have best of them from the store which is authentic and near to your house. There is some basic information that you need to have while you are getting some HP ink printers so you have to look at more Info here because you need to get aware of these details before you start working with your printer.

When you are trying to install your cartridge in to the printer then you will see that there is an expiry date on that. Some of you may get amazed by this date because many people will think that cartridges are not meant to expire at all. They have this date and you need to use your ink cartridge before that expiry date in order to get the best results of your printer. If you do not use that before the expiry date then the quality of print may get affected and the printer may get clogged over the period of time.

When you are going to have the ink cartridge then you need to store that carefully in a good position which means you have to store that in the upright position. If you do not take it in that position then you will get the clogged ink in the cartridge because all of the ink will stay in one of the side of the cartridge. Another thing is that you have to store that in the right temperature. If the temperature of storing that ink is too high or too low then the printer quality will not be very good and also the performance of your printer will deteriorate over time. When the ink will get too cold then its particles will separate but you can adjust that by taking the cartridge to the room temperature. But if the temperature is too high then the ink will bubble like then it gets boiled so you have to make sure that you are taking it to the right temperature. When you have some extra cartridges then you will need to keep that sealed otherwise it will get dry out over time. When you need to use the ink only then you have to open it up otherwise keep it sealed.