Japanese Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector’s Edition

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is finally available and the official collector’s edition available only from the Japanese Square Enix Store is a little different than the European and North American versions. Dubbed the “Ultimate Box,” it includes the following for 19,440 yen:


  • Special box design
  • Soundtrack CD (16 tracks)
  • Calendar
  • ID card
  • Ace’s card set (five cards)
  • Scarf

Also included obviously are the game and Final Fantasy XV Duscae Demo. I received the PS4 version of the Ultimate Box and filmed a little video showing off the goodies you can watch below.

And if anyone is interested, here is the track list of the soundtrack. It’s just a small fraction of the all the songs off the full soundtrack plus a few from Final Fantasy Agito.

  1. 我ら来たれり
  2. 導かれる結論
  3. クリスタルの使徒
  4. マキナ・クナギリ
  5. レム・トミキヤ
  6. 戦-弩級の響き
  7. 戦-静かな激闘
  8. 朱雀の炎
  9. 零式
  12. Forbidden Fruit
  13. マイ ダイアモンド
  14. My Diamond
  15. カラフルフォーリンラブ
  16. UTAKATA ~泡沫~

If you are excited at all about the long time arrival of an English version of Final Fantasy Type-0 and want to learn more about the interesting history and people who worked on this game, I recommend reading this fan composed digital magazine. Along with a whole lot of talented fans working together, I contributed an article regarding the manga and novels that are based on this series.

Check it out below or download it here.